Chapter 1 新GRE Issue介绍及备考建议
2011 Revised GRE Issue Introduction and Preparation
新GRE考试简介GRE Revised General Test Introduction
新GRE Issue部分介绍GRE Revised General Test Issue Introduction
新GRE Issue评分标准Revised GRE Issue Scoring Guide
新GRE Issue复习策略Revised GRE Issue Preparation
Chapter 2 新GRE Issue简明写作指导
2011 Revised GRE Issue Brief Writing Guide
写作要求分析Specific Instruction Analysis
文章结构Essay Organization
开头段落Opening Paragraph
正文段落Body Paragraph
结尾段落Concluding Paragraph
Chapter 3 复杂性和批判性思考
Complex and Critical Thinking Skills
Issue题目分析与写作Analysis of Issue Topic and Writing
定义抽象词Defining Abstract Terms
评价*用语Evaluating Absolute Terms
评价情态用语Evaluating Modal Terms
评价对比关系Evaluating Contrast Themes
评价判定标准Evaluating Judging Criteria
评价潜在假设Evaluating Unstated Assumption
限定讨论范围Narrowing the Topic
从题目背景入手Starting from Background Statement
举例子Raising Supporting Examples
因果关系Using Cause and Effect
让步展开Making Concession
提出批判性问题Raising Critical Questions
提出其他意见Discussing Alternatives
升华题目观点Introducing Higher Level Thinking
分情况讨论Considering Specific Circumstances
反击对立观点Addressing Opposing Points
权衡利弊Weighing Pros and Cons
评价逻辑关系Evaluating Reasoning Line
推演结果Predicting Possible Consequences
正文观点布局Topic Sentence Layout
从读题到写提纲From Analysis to Outlining
Chapter 4 写作指导:成长,学习,教育
Writing Guide: Growth, Learning, Education
选修专业外的学科Courses Outside One’s Field of Study
研究领域与职业发展Research Field and Career Development
学校与学生职业发展Educational Institutions and Career Development
出国留学Studying in a Foreign Country
IssueTopic 05 国家统一课程Pre-college National Curriculum
观点不同与学习Disagreement and Learning
学习与兴趣Learning and Interest
不容易成功的研究领域Unlikely-to-succeed Fields
学习与考试Learning and Test
IssueTopic 10 赞扬和忽视Praise and Ignore
免费大学教育Free University Education
教师的薪金Teachers’ Salaries
家长与子女教育Parents and Schooling
学习理念、趋势和概念在先Studying Ideas, Trends and Concepts First
IssueTopic 15 学生的思想Students’ Spirit
合作和竞争Cooperation or Competition
学习与激励Learning and Motivation
发明与学习Innovations and Learning
学习与质疑Learning and Questioning
IssueTopic 20 天才儿童教育Talented Students Education
学术界外的工作Working Outside the Academic World
选修课Elective Courses
想象力文学Imaginative Literature
Chapter 5 写作指导:科学,技术,生活
Writing Guide: Science, Technology, Life
濒危物种保护Endangered Species Protection
IssueTopic 25 知识的局限性Limits of Knowledge
政府与科研资助Government and Scientific Funding
独立思考Thinking for Oneself
科研与公众福祉Research and Public Benefits
科技与人际交流Technology and Human Interaction
IssueTopic 30 科研与实用性Research and Practicality
新手与专家Beginners and Experts
过去的研究Past Achievements
领域外的知识和经验Knowledge and Experience Outside
偶然发现Accidental Discovery
IssueTopic 35 政府与科研限制Government and Research Restriction
人类智慧和机器智慧Human Intelligence Vs Machine Intelligence
科技与生活Technology and Life
奢华和方便Luxury and Convenience
快节奏的生活Rapid-paced Life
Chapter 6 写作指导:政治,法律,社会
Writing Guide: Politics, Law, Society

IssueTopic 40 国家的伟大Indicator of a Great Nation
政府决策Government Decision Making
原生态地区保护Wilderness Areas Protection
领导任期Leader Term Limit
政治家与道德Politicians and Morality
IssueTopic 45 国家领导者的工作效率National Leaders’ Effectiveness
领导与责任Leadership and Responsibility
质疑权威Questioning Authority
法律的灵活性Flexible Laws
法律与人Law and Human
IssueTopic 50 理性的一致和深奥的理想Reasonable Consensus or ElusiveIdeals
当务之急和未来问题Immediate or Future Problems
向大众隐瞒信息Withholding Information from the Public
社会整体成功Society’s Overall Success
不公平的法律Unjust Laws
IssueTopic 55 企业社会责任Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 7 写作指导:思想,行为,方法
Writing Guide: Thinking, Behavior, Methods
追寻长期目标Pursuing Long-term Goals
IssueTopic 60 人们的行为People’s Behaviors
批判性评判Critical Judgment
效忠与批判Committed or Critical
信仰与妥协Belief and Compromise
*好的主意Best Ideas
IssueTopic 65 形式与内容Image and Reality
人们的态度People’s Attitudes
危险活动Risky Action
成功与个人目标Success and Personal Goals
IssueTopic 70 事实与置信Facts and Trust
不择手段Any Means
Chapter 8 写作指导:历史,文化,传播
Writing Reference: History, Culture, Media
历史与决策History and Decision Making
媒体与英雄人物Media and Hero
政府与艺术资助Government and Artistic Patronage
IssueTopic 75 社会模范Society’s Role Model
城市和文化传统City and Cultural Traditions
城市与社会特点Major Cities and Society’s Features
个人身份和社会群体Personal Identity and Social Groups
年轻人的潮流Trends of the Youth
IssueTopic 80 艺术资助与其完整性Artistic Patronage and the Integrity ofArt
艺术与可理解性Art and Understandability
个人伟大的判断Judgment on Individuals’ Greatness
研究历史的好处Benefits of History Study
历史建筑保护Historical Buildings Protection
Chapter 9 写作参考:成长,学习,教育
Writing Reference: Growth, Learning, Education
创造性思维Creative Thinking
批判性思维Critical Thinking
情绪发展Emotional Development
Reference 005 决策能力培养Decision-making Skills
质疑能力培养Skepticism Development
独立思考能力Intellectual Autonomy
多维智力Multi-dimensional Intelligence
Reference 010 自我进步Self-improvement
教育的目的The Purposes of Education
教育与社会Education and Society
教育与社会控制Education and Social Control
教育与社会需求Needs-of-society Education
Reference 015 教育与学生需求Student-centered Education
教育与职业发展Education and Career Development
教育与收入Education and Benefits
教育与父母参与Education and Parent Involvement
教育与科技Education and Technology
Reference 020 出国留学Studying Abroad
大学的作用The Function of a University
免费大学教育Free University Education
义务教育Compulsory Education
Reference 025 天才儿童教育Talented Learner Education
教师的薪金Teachers’ Salaries
教育无用? Education is Useless?
选择教育的权利Choosing Your Own Education
Reference 030 与世隔绝的象牙塔School—Ivory Tower Isolated from the OutsideWorld?
道德教育Moral Education
公民教育Citizenship Education
价值教育Value Education
品格教育Character Education
Reference 035 艺术教育Art Education
想象力文学Imaginative Works
选修课Elective Course
课外活动Extracurricular Activities
Reference 040 国家统一课程National Curriculum
学习成绩评估Assessment of Learning
高风险的考试High-stake Test
学习与考试Learning and Testing
学习的目的Why We Learn
Reference 045 学习的过程How Do We Learn
学习与建立概念Learning and Conceptualizing
学习与理解思想Learning and Understanding Ideas
死记硬背Rote Learning
学习与讨论Learning and Discussion
Reference 050 学习与提问Learning and Questioning
学习与兴趣Learning and Interest
共同学习Cooperative Learning
学习与竞争Learning and Competition
学习与父母帮助Learning and Parents’ Help
Reference 055 学习与激励Learning and Motivation
赞扬与批评Praise and Criticism
苏格拉底问答学习法Socratic Questioning Method
改造主义教育Educational Reconstructionism
Reference 060 构成主义教育Educational Constructivism
进步主义教育Educational Progressivism
人本主义教育Humanistic Education
要素主义教育Educational Essentialism
永恒主义教育Educational Perennialism
Chapter 10 写作参考:科学,技术,生活
Writing Reference: Science, Technology, Life
Reference 065 有关科学Science
现代科学起源Origins of Modern Science
技术进步Technological Advances
科学的自由Freedom of Science
科技与社会Science, Technology and Society
Reference 070 科技乌托邦Techno-utopianism
科技与质疑Science and Inquiry
科技双刃剑Science and Technology: a Two-edged Weapon
科学局限性Science and Its Limits
知识局限性Knowledge and Its Limits
Reference 075 科学发现Scientific Discovery
科学发现与运气Scientific Discovery and Serendipity
偶然发明Accidental Discoveries
科学研究Scientific Research
科学研究与资助Scientific Research and Funding
Reference 080 科学研究与伦理Scientific Research and Ethics
科学家与社会责任Scientists and Social Responsibility
科学研究与利益矛盾Scientific Research and Conflicting Interests
科学研究与公众利益Scientific Research and Public Benefits
科学研究与商业利益Scientific Research and Business Benefits
Reference 085 科学研究与不确定性Scientific Research and Uncertainty
21世纪的科学Science for 21st Century
科技促进交流Technology and Human Interaction
科技让人疏远Technology and Human Isolation
全球变暖Global Warming
Reference 090 石油危机Oil Crisis
物种灭绝Species Extinction
能源安全Energy Security
干细胞研究Stem Cell Research
Reference 095 转基因食品Genetically Modified Food
低碳生活Low Carbon
核*Nuclear Weapon
食品安全Food Security
水污染Water Pollution
Reference 100 可持续发展Sustainable Development
原生态区域保护Wilderness Areas Protection
保护臭氧层Ozone Layer Protection
贫困Global Poverty
Reference 105 信息时代Cyber Age
网瘾Internet Addiction Disorder
现代化与传统Modernization and Tradition
Reference 110 恐怖主义Terrorism
人工智能Artificial Intelligence
老龄化An Aging Society
Chapter 11 写作参考:政治,法律,社会
Writing Reference: Politics, Law, Society
公民参与Civic Engagement
Reference 115 政治决策Political Decision
政治信仰Political Belief
绿色政治哲学Green Political Philosophy
政治与道德Politics and Morality
Reference 120 政府透明运作Transparency in Government Operations
优质管理Good Governance
政绩考核Government Performance Measurement
国家实力National Power
战略计划Strategic Planning
Reference 125 危机管理Crisis Management
政府预测Government Forecasting
广开言路Leaders and Openness
领导与责任Leaders and Responsibility
Reference 130 领导任期限制Leader Term Limits
法律的作用Functions of Law
法律变革Legal Reform
法律与服从Law and Obedience
Reference 135 不公平的法律Unjust Law
不合作主义Civil Disobedience
法律与道德Law and Morality
权利与权威Power and Authority
社会与个体Society and Individuals
Reference 140 集体利益Common Good
企业社会责任Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 12 写作参考:思想,行为,方法
Writing Reference: Thinking, Behavior, Methods
Reference 145 信仰与质疑Beliefs and Skepticism
质疑与生活Skepticism and Life
挑战信仰Challenging Beliefs
四种讨论方法Four Discussion Methods
Reference 150 反对的艺术The Art of Disagreement
建设性反对Constructive Disagreement
创意Best Ideas
Reference 155 模仿与创新Imitation and Creation
形象与实际Image and Reality
风险管理Think Before You Act
Reference 160 设定个人目标Setting Personal Goals







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